PIE on Pause

PIE on Pause

9th Apr 2014



I know I know...NOT THE PIE!!

We have temporarily stopped production of all baked goods. You've read similar stories from many small businesses as to how difficult this decision is to make.

When the Stay at Home Order was announced, the health and safety of our team, as well as our customers, was and continues to be our priority.  We felt compelled to do our part in "flattening the curve".  But during our brief transition from in-store sales to curbside pick-up, we were alarmed by how many folks didn't take the social distancing seriously.  For this reason, we felt compelled to close our doors for the safety of all.

Hell yes that was a tough call! Do we question our decision daily? Um YES...but then again, no one knows the outcome of this global crisis.

Until that HapPie Day when we can open our doors again to the public...here is how you can help this small biz:

  1. Stay connected! Follow us on social media, FB / IG. This is the fastest & most cost effective way for us to keep you updated on what's new - or  - to notify you when we will be back in PIE!
  2. Share our page with your friends and family. The more folks that know about us, the better chance we have to make a comeback.
  3. If you are in a position to shop...shop small & local  Shop our Online Home-Goods store!  We are adding items daily. Many items are up to 50% off!

Purchases from our online Home-Goods & Gift Store will help us pay back the artists & vendors that we purchased from, as well as help cover rent & utilities. Our landlord thinks he still needs full payment of rent this month :/

Thanks for reading - Thanks for being a Pie Fan!

Peace & Love,

Elaine & Jan