Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many servings do you get from the full size pie?

Our pies are 9" and serve 6-8. Cutie pies are 5" and serves 1-2.

  • Can I order a pie and have it delivered?

We do not, however many of our customers use a local delivery service. Call our bakery for details 913-642-2999.

  • Do you decorate pies for a birthday or special occasion?

We love birthday pies...but they really weren't meant to decorate, it's not cake. However, candles or fun party-toothpick flags can turn that special pie into a real party!!

  • Do you have anything sugar-free?

We have a select menu of no-sugar added, full size pies that can be pre-ordered, 48 hours in advance of the date you'd like to pick it up. View menu here  - or - call our bakery for details 913.642.2999

  • Do you offer anything gluten-free?

Our Coconut Macaroons are the only gluten-free option we bake. They are delish!

  • Do you ship?

We do not ship - sorry but it's not much fun receiving an upside down pie in the mail and shipping costs are outrageous for overnight air delivery! We would rather you find a local bakery to support.

  • Do you offer discounts for large orders of pies and cookies?

We are a locally owned, small "made from scratch" bakery. our ingredients, labor, and overhead costs are the same whether we make 1 or 100. If you are interested in placing a larger order for a smaller sized cookie please contact our special-order team for menu options and price details.

  • How should I store my pie?

Most pies will keep approximately 2-3 days from purchase. It is not necessary to refrigerate fruit pies, however, in the hotter-humid months it will help preserve quality. Cream pies contain dairy and must be kept in the cooler.