Growing up as sisters in the heart of Midwest, we were privileged to know what real pie looks and tastes like. To keep the tradition alive we felt compelled to share it with others. We opened our pie bakery in 2005 with the help of The Pie Master, ❤ our mom.


Our in-store Menu of Whole Pies (9"), Cutie Pies (5") and by the Slice changes daily. We may sell out of a particular flavor or all pies. To reserve your favorite Whole Pies, pre order today! 


Here's how:

Make your selection from the designated menus listed below ~ 48 hour notice is required.

Pies available for pre ordering are full size, 9".  

Full size Cream & Meringue Pies are only made by request/pre-order.

Cutie pies are available in-store, first come first serve. You are welcome to call "day of" to reserve our small pies with payment, from the menu of the moment.

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Call the shop or stop by to select from our Menu of the moment



For future pre ordering options, select from the Menu's below.