The Upper Crust Signature Coffee (whole beans, 12oz)

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12 oz of our Signature Coffee beans.

This is our signature Columbia blend. Locally roasted. Pairs perfectly with pie or if you just need a good cup of morning motivation!

Notes for the coffee nerd:  Very Balanced and Approachable overall with a Snappy Mouthfeel, Round Body and Long Coating Linger on the Palate.  Notes of Caramel, Vanilla, Citrus, and a tiny bit of Nutty character but more like a Cashew than a peanut.  Clean and Versatile.  Sourced and Roasted to taste great across all coffee brewing applications.  Might be a little bright as an Espresso but will still be a beautiful expression of the care and dedication it takes to produce a nuanced but adaptable all around daily drinker.